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Christmas is quickly approaching and with it, the thought that all business owners have when deciding how much money to give their staff as a Christmas bonus.


However, it’s important to remember that not only are there other options which are less financial incentive for your business, there are also other options which your staff would prefer.


Below are some great ways to reward your staff this Christmas which don’t involve cash.


Extra Vacation Time

Not just over the Christmas break, but providing your staff with additional time from work to use throughout the upcoming year is a great way to help employees with families or special circumstances.


More so, providing this as a Christmas bonus means that many families can spend their Christmas break thinking and planning about where they will visit during the upcoming year. With this in mind, do your best to provide as much information as you can regarding the additional time, such as when it can be taken.


A Christmas Tree

Depending on their budget, not all of your employees will be able to afford a real Christmas tree. And in fact, many of them likely aren’t able to keep a real tree. With this in mind, the Groupon Coupons page for Balsam Hill has some great deals you can take advantage of to gift your employees with a real-looking artificial Christmas tree. So real that they likely won’t even notice the difference until they realize that they don’t have to water it!


If you do choose this option, it’s a good idea to first ensure that the tree will fit in their home and adjust your order accordingly.


Social Activities

Nobody truly enjoys coming to work. There is just no getting around the fact. It’s the social aspect of the workplace which is often the reason for most employees to get out of bed each morning and complete their daily commute.


You can turn this into a positive by gifting your employees with more social activities throughout the upcoming year. If you combine this with the ability for staff to choose which social activities they will undertake.


Personal Gifts

Many employers are hesitant to give their staff members gifts because they are concerned that the financial value doesn’t equal what the employee was expecting as cash, leading to disappointment.


However, the opposite is actually true. Employees who receive a genuinely thoughtful gift from their employer are not only appreciative of the gift but it can also help to keep them engaged with their work.


Of course, when choosing the gifts, it’s important that you keep them personal but don’t offend. For example, if you can see from the decorations of a cubicle that the employee likes cats then you have a good starting idea for what to choose as their gift.


When it comes time for a Christmas bonus, as you can see there is a range of alternatives which you can provide to your staff in lieu of a traditional cash bonus.